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@echo off
title 原神资源完整性校验绕过
del base_revision
del cache_versions_*
del data_versions_persist
ren data_versions_remote data_versions_persist
del res_versions_persist
ren res_versions_remote res_versions_persist
del silence_data_versions_persist
ren silence_data_versions_remote silence_data_versions_persist
echo 请输入更新完成后版本号的 R、S、D 值,您可以在登录页面(或已经校验完资源的云游戏)找到它。
set /p R="R"
set /p S="S"
set /p D="D"
echo %R% > res_revision
echo %S% > silence_revision
echo %D% > data_revision
echo 完成!